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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Absinthe jailbreaking utility released for iPad2 and iPhone 4s

Absinthe jailbreaking utility released for iPad2 and iPhone 4s last week. This allows the installation of cydia on all A5 iDevices.

Sources for downloading Absinthe :

Monday, September 5, 2011

The New Website!

Okay the new site is online and under construction. It can be pulled up at: stay tuned and don't forget to bookmark the page! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A jailbreaker’s Guide to The world of IOS freedom!(Updated)!

A jailbreaker’s Guide to The world of IOS freedom!


         So guys here is the deal for the past 3-4 weeks I’ve decided to see what happens when you don’t play apple’s little “follow the rules” game and jailbreak you IOS device. So what happens… it can only be described as pure awesomeness! So I have compiled a list of the best apps I have gotten to work thus far as well as a jailbreak how to.

Jailbreaking (how its done)

Requirements: IPod touch 2g or up, IPhone 3g or up, IPad 1or 2

Step 1:
Find out what software version you are running on your device. To do this first open the settings app and click on general. Then check your version #. (I have 4.3.3)

Step 2:

Depending on what version of software you are running you will have to use different methods to jailbreak your device. Here are the best ways to Jailbreak your device. With Greenp0ison you will need to use your computer to download the required software and then install it and follow the on screen instructions. Then you will also have to install cydia manually. With you just go into safari, Type in and ether slide to jailbreak or press the free/download button. All of the installation is handled by itself. Cydia is automatically installed. After cydia is installed you have successfully jailbroken your IOS device.
(4.0.1) (Un-tethered Jailbreak on Device)

(4.3.3) (Un-tethered Jailbreak on Device)

(4.3.4 or 4.3.5)  (Tethered)___ Not Recommended!              


So I jailbroke it now what?


Emulators: Nes, Snes, Gameboy, Gameboy color,Sega Genisis!


Launch cydia and press the search tab on the right. Just type in “Emulators” and download one or all of the following: Nes AD+ , SNES AD+, GBC AD+ , or Gensis AD+. Once downloaded you will need to install some ROMs for that you will also need to download the app “Emulator ROMs” after downloaded you will be able to download ROMs inside that app that will be usable for the emulators you just installed. After that have fun playing games, however game play is much better if you Bluetooth up a wii remote! It’s all straight forward in the settings tab.

SBsettings: The best way to get to your settings fast!


Search it. Download it. Swipe right on the notification bar. It’s that easy!  


Installous 4: A different sort of appstore?

A app store were everything is free and it has all apples past and present apps as well as more. PLEASE don’t Use this for Piracy.

For this install you will have to do a few more complex things so I have included a video link.


Five column, Five-icon App switcher, and Five-icon folder: More stuff on the screen!


Search em. Download em. Done!

Weather icon: A live weather icon for your homescreen.

Lets your weather app show more than 73° and sunny! Search em. Download em. Done!

TVOut2: Let’s you display your device on the bigscreen

Search em. Download em. Done! (As long as you have the right cord)

Frash: flash for IOS

Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. Once again a little more complex so here is another video.


That’s all folks!

( I will be updating this list as I find more great apps)

Also the new website will actually be announced later sorry!
UPDATE: Hey guys here is a link for the top ten cydia sources!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Okay so the new post will be up soon and i will reveal the new name for the new site! For now enjoy some laughs at others expense:

    Boy runs vocabulary drills and solves mathematical problems on his classroom iPod Touch he says it's a fun way to learn, in part because it's "something that is more newer than paper." One exited boy exclaimed, "I just spelled my name!"

Update: Tomorrow!  And also you might want to have a Ipod, Iphone, Or Ipad because this post contains a special how 2!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apple announced iCloud, Ios5, and Lion!

Apple announced iCloud, Ios5, and Lion!

Last week apple announced 3 major software “revolutions”. The Best of which is iCloud. This free service allows ios users to keep their Ipad, iphone, IPod-touch, and Mac computer all in sync. iCloud works with your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and keeps them all up to date. More info Here>

Next up is Ios5. New notifications, new news stand app, new twitter integration, new safari browser, new Pc-Free OS, just to name a few of the more than 200 new features. This is by far the largest improvement to Ios since its introduction back in 2007. (Can you remember that far back?) More info Here>
          Lastly, Lion OS. Nothing we didn’t already hear back in the spring except the fact that its only $29 and will be made available on the Mac appstore. More info Here>  

Monday, June 6, 2011

WWDC & E3 Start Today!

Tune in to the live blogs for Microsoft here and  WWDC  or both at Engadget! Microsoft kicks off E3 at 11:30 am CT and Apple will follow just a half hour later at 12:00 pm CT!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ask Tech-No-Man! Best Tablet.

Ask Tech-No-Man! Best Tablet.

Last week the mysterious Caleb anonymous said: “Yo dawg, what do you see as the best tablet on the market? The iPad is clearly the most notable, but is it the top dog?” Good question Caleb, with so many tablets on the market how do we now which to choose? Do you choose one with android, ios or something else?  Then if you selected android you have about 20 more choices with different hardware and software customizations. Since there are so many different tablets and software configurations it would be impossible to tell one person who loves android get an iPad or the ios freak to covert to android-ism. Instead what I will do is list out the top 3 tablets and let you readers decide which to choose. All 16 GB wifi only with duel core processers.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer --$399+Keyboard dock $150=$550 Set 16GB wifi

         To start things of we have the transformer as you can see in the table below it is the longest of all the major tablets readily available. The weight is average and so is its thickness. It’s made of plastic though but it seemed like it would be rather durable when I checked it out at Best Buy. Standard ports. (miniHDMi, microSD, headphone  jack)   It has a 1280×800-resolution Gorilla Glass display that looks nice from many angles and has 2 cameras 1.2MP in the front and a 5MP in the back. It seems to be a trend but all the tablets I’ve played with all have pretty low picture quality. The Transformer is no exception. The OS is Honeycomb 3.0 (should get 3.1 later this month) and has just a few tweaks to the stock android experience. No UI overlays or anything just a few added apps. So far you have a pretty standard android tablet right but lets not forget it’s name. The secret is the optional $150 Keyboard dock. Basically this converts this tablet into a sort of net-book it houses a trackpad with full multi-touch, a super nice external battery and 2 Usb 2.0 ports. Oh and the usb port actually support stuff like an external hdd or an xbox controller! Battey life is great! (Chart below) Also, It supports adobe flash 10.1.

Acer Icona A500-- $400ish 16GB wifi

If you are in the market for cheap, (who isn’t) than this is the cheapest. Specs are a bit sub par though with battery life it’s biggest shortcoming only 6:37. The upside is mainly its price and the fact that it has a built in full sized Usb port. All the other ports are the same ( sd, headphone…) Build quality does seem pretty good though. Nice aluminum back. Supports adobe flash 10.1.Other than that I can’t say much more about the tablet. It’s the average tablet made cheaper nothing special. Oh and it has a 1280x800-resolution display not bad for the price. All in all it’s not a bad tablet in any means and if average is cool this is the best. Cameras = not so great

Apple Ipad 2 $500 --- 16 GB wifi


Yes, you know we can’t do a tablet war without king apple. The Ipad has the thinnest and lightest housing and the build quality is the best of the three and frankly it would be my choise hands down, but it isn’t the specs that wooh me it’s apple’s Appstore. Personally I like Honeycomb and would love to have a transformer but the fact is that the software is what makes the device and the apple appstore has over 65,000 apps tailored for the Ipad, and iphone apps will run as well, while the android appstore is a mess. On a honeycomb device there is only about 200 apps developed for the OS and no way to tell whether apps from the older phone OS (2.2, 2.3) will run or just crash. Battery life on the ipad 2 is still top notch. Ports include: headphone jack and a dock connector. HDMI out, SD card reader optional are accessories, attach via dock connector. The screen has a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution. The ipads front and rear cameras are better than any of the competition.

Wrap up time


So what’s the best? Well for me I would have to say the ipad. In many ways I would rather have the transformer with the SD card slot and the Usb support, not to mention the keyboard dock and HDMI port, but until Google fixes the appstore experience, and gets the developers on board to start making some apps for those fancey paperweights they call tablets they are not much more than that. So in my opinion the ipad still wins, for now. I’ll leave it up to y’all to decide what you think is best.

Battery life chart, included a few other tabs for reference.
ASUS Transformer
13:49 with dock
Acer Iconia A500
Motorola Xoom WiFi
Apple iPad 2
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Weights, dimensions, and thickness, included a few other tabs for reference.

Dimensions (in.)
Thickness (in.)
Weight (lbs.)
ASUS Transformer
10.67 x 6.73
Acer Iconia A500
10.24 x 6.97
Motorola Xoom WiFi
9.80 x 6.61
LG Slate
9.56 x 5.88
Apple iPad 2
9.50 x 7.31